Why Cuddl'Up

Cuddl'Up, the customized digital order-making solution for your customers and your turnover! !

What can Cuddl'Up do for you?

A complete integrated solution, delivered for you by a team of experts. 

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Time & Efficiency

Free your staff from daunting tasks to focus on service, counseling to the customer and the human relationship

Centralize and simplify the management of your business (within a single tool (order intake, cash collection, inventory management, marketing and commercial actions)

Attendance & Recurrence

Develop an innovative and differentiating customer experience

Create customized loyalty campaigns

Offer out-store services such as home delivery, reservation, take-away, etc.

Immediate Results

As some of our customers:

Boost your average basket from 15 to 30% in the first few months,
+ 1500% your side sales,
+ 119% drinks in your establishment,
+ 13% increase in booking requests,
Multiply the turnover in one year by two

Customer Satisfaction

Reduce the waiting time for your customers who can order in or before arriving at the restaurant
Develop a new consumer experience with customized proposals for each of your customers.

How Cuddl'Up boost your turnover

Customer Relationship

By freeing your employees from low added value tasks, the solution gives time back to their customers to better serve them.


Cuddl'Up collects data to better know your customers and offers customized promotional offers (daily specials, events, etc.)


More than just a recommendation engine, the solution takes into account your customer's profile and context data to provide a personalized, real-time experience.

Cross & Up Sales

That servers do not dare or do not have time to offer. Accompaniments payable, desserts of season, drinks large formats ... nothing escapes Cuddl'Up