Once uppon a time Cuddl'Up

Our journey with some key dates

October 2014

  • We run the conception of Cuddl’Up

June 2015

  • We start our company supportef by BPI, CEEI and French Tech Côte d’Azur

November 2015

  • Our first customers buy the solution and work closely with us to increase the added value.

December 2015

  • A first business angel joins the team.

March 2016

  • We succesfully deploy the solution with independant restaurants in south of France, new concepts in Bordeaux and a Chain in Spain

January 2017

  • Large account of the Hospitaly markets trust our solution such as Mac Donald France or Accor group (registry in progress)

A team an Asset

The success of Cuddl'Up is above all the meeting of two passionate experts ...

Marc de Gibon

  • Co-founder, CEO
  • Specialist in information systems (and good meat enthusiast) and 16 years of experience in the definition, realization and implementation of ERP software solutions, he is in charge of the management of Cuddl'Up and carries the vision.

Christophe Aubert

  • Co-founder, CTO
  • A software architect with 17 years of experience in the design, development and implementation of complex software solutions, he leads the development of our solutions.

A customer focused team & an excellence network to the success of client projects

Committed to success and with over 50 years of accumulated experience in the design, development and deployment of complex information systems, our team has placed the focus of our attention on the success of our clients. Around the founders are also large groups such as Microsoft and successful business executives who accompany us via the acceleration networks to ensure the excellence of the operational strategy.

Un éco-système

De grands groupes tels que Microsoft et des dirigeants d’entreprises à succès nous accompagnent via les réseaux d’accélération pour assurer l’excellence de la stratégie opérationnelle.

Et un écosystème

The transformation started! Don't your miss the train!

Cuddl'Up solution is provided at no risks: no investments no subscriptions.